Decorative fossil art for interior designs

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Mosaic Fish Murals - Create your custom mural today !!

Decorative fossils for home decor

Rare, one of a kind Fossil Mosaic Art! Design yours today!

Imagine an incredible composition of a 50 million year old authentic Eocene era fossil fish hanging on your wall.
You can include a variety of fish such as, Priscacara liops, Knightia and Dyplomystus dentatus.
You may like adding a palm frond or other fossilized pieces. You be the artist!

The above mural is 10' 3" long by 5' 3" tall. The frame thickness of 3-1/4". This mural was beautifully framed in walnut burl and solids.

You decide the size of mural you desire. Larger pieces can be broken down into slabs for shipping.
Every mural is one of a kind stone art providing the "ultimate antique".
Browse through our website and pick unique fossil pieces for your mural . Call us today!

Remember looking is FREE! Continue to browse our sold custom murals.

Decorative fossils for home decor

Decorative fossils for home decor

Fish plates used in above murals. Click on the images for a larger view.

Fossil Mosaic Art Fossil Mosaic Art Fossil Mosaic Art

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